Wednesday, June 15, 2005

"Looks like our nemesis, The Riddler, is back in town, old chum. Sirius(ly)."

I am off this afternoon to listen to Mark Shapiro speak on "The State of The Indians" at Landerhaven ("It's the snobs versus the slobs") for one of the magazines I write for, North Coast Voice. I am anticipating seeing "the usual suspects" of Cleveland sports journalism in attendance, cackling, plotting, and scheming together like an assorted hodgepodge of Batman villians from the campy '60's television show.

Should be interesting considering The Tribe has been playing well as of late. Albeit pounding bad teams, at least they are winning, but it sadly means little if we cannot beat The White Sox or The Twins.

I have totally redefined myself financially since leaving the corporate rat-race (which is ironic that I had to work for one of the companies, Arthur Andersen, that got squashed by The Universe because it was "involved" in one of the biggest business scandals in U.S. history to wake me up inside, but so be it, Jedi...).

I just got my purchase order from this morning: I am now a (wee tiny) minority owner in TIVO, Inc.!!! I have been buying shares of Sirius Satellite Radio, as well, which has been a dog as of late, but it'll come around when the "rebel music hippies" complete their revolution and topple The Clear Channel Empire. (If it's anything Gordon Gekko has taught me, it's buy low, sell HIGH...)

I am also admiring - and resisting the urge to rip open - my authentic Darth Vader and Clone Trooper ("Star Wars: Revenge of The Sith") action figures sitting atop a book shelf in my living room. I am keeping them perfectly preserved (in Carbonite?) for future generations to enjoy long after I'm gone - and my bones are buried beneath the creaky floorboards at Ray's Place in Kent, Ohio.

Tonight, I'm throwing out the opening pitch at The Tribe/Rockies game at Jacob's Field. I just hope I don't throw the ball like Olive Oil across the plate...


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