Thursday, August 11, 2005

We Interrupt this ESPN Program for a Terrell Owens' Bowel Movement...

The Id and I - "More fun than a barrel of journalists!"

Does anyone else on the planet care as much about Terrell Owens and his every micro-managed movements more than ESPN??? It's so sad - and annoying - all rolled up into one! There must be some more deserving stories on NFL players out there (like Seattle's own unappreciated - and often ignored by the national media - speedster, Shaun Alexander, who continues to amass amazing statistical records with barely a notice or a nod?). How does this happen in the upper echelon - nay, the world leader - of sports broadcast journalism? Do they have lobotomized lab monkeys in charge of programming up in Bristol, Connecticut or what...?

Anyway, I'm pushing the proverbial deadline envelope on my Browns' preview for North Coast Voice Magazine, my friends, and I need to wrap it up before the Tribe-Royals/Chargers-Packers doubleheader tonight at my fave watering hole...

So, this is "the Indiana Jones of journalism" signing off for now - tune in next week for hopefully more wacky adventures as my dear old uncle, Dick Feagler (who has a true PASSION for archaeology!), and I go off in search of The Holy Grail... (cue the coconuts!)


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