Monday, September 05, 2005

The Mental Defective's Guide To The Galaxy

"Who let the C.H.U.D.'s out ...? Woof! Woof! Woof!"

Well, Labor Day weekend has come and gone once again in our fair city here on the North Coast (with "Labor Day" being kind of an oxymoron here in Cleveland as of late). But there were a lot of things to celebrate this weekend in Cleveland, and even this cyber-C.H.U.D. was out and about enjoying the sun and fun - flying down Interstate I-90 as the Cleveland National Air Show jets buzzed by overhead, and every one in the car screaming, "Pull up, Striker! You're too low! YOU'RE TOO LOW!!!" and other such absurdities.

Ingenuity Clev.05 - "The 1st annual Arts and Technology Festival" was a big hit this weekend and even managed to drag this Oscar the Grouch out of his garbage can (decorated in early curmudgeon) for a brief moment in time. It was very reminiscent of our old Cleveland State "block parties" back in the day - where we would close off entire segments of Euclid Avenue for an afternoon of local music and merry mirth - but just on a larger and much grander scale (and, um, minus the vomit-soaked couch).

And, shockingly, even though my "art exhibits" were not accepted into the festival this year (which included, The Homeless Hal 2000, my panhandling robot, "Excuse me ...sir ...but could you ...spare ...some change...for a 'bot ...down on ...his luck...?" - or my short 16mm film featuring myself - dressed as a bottle of Hoegaarden - sliding down a chute into a pool of raw liver (symbolizing my own "descent into madness" set to the Footloose soundtrack) - it was all good nonetheless!

But I'll leave the art and exhibitions to the professionals... it was just nice to see somebody trying something NEW in Cleveland - and succeeding. The Ingenuity Clev.o5 logo and web site were also very cool as well!

I probably should thank them - or at least send them a nice muffin basket or something. The Ingenuity Clev.05 Festival actually got my own creative juices flowing and got me thinking about building a few pyramids on a Pop Culture Planet of my own...


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