Sunday, January 01, 2006

O' Ye of Little Cleveland Browns Faith!

I think the Cleveland Browns are going to win today - I honestly believe that they can beat the Baltimore Ravens. They may not score a lot of points, and it may be an ugly game, but I think our Brownies will bounce back and win today.

The Steelers are just a powerhouse right now - and they bulldozed the Browns with their depth at Iron City talent. But the Browns are good enough - right now - to beat the bumbling Baltimore Ravens. I can sense it. There is a great disturbance in The Force...

Browns win: 13-12!

And fire Phil Savage-??? Uh, I don't think so, Ricky Retardo. (You want to fire our very own Ron Howard of The North Coast-? Just because the guy wears a baseball cap with a leisure suit...? You WANT to fire "Opie"?!? Ladies and gentlemen - and North Coast villagers alike - I implore you: Put down your torches! If anything, FIRE that ladder-climbing corporate circus seal they call "John Collins." Or fire me! Fire a TRUE ass-hat! But please - PLEASE - don't fire North Coast Opie...)

So, in conclusion: Why do I feel our Brownies will win today...? I just feel you NEVER bet against the scrappy underdog - especially when they have their backs up against the wall. You heard it here first, True Believers! (And, um, if The Cleveland Browns DO happen to lose today to the The Ravens ...then quote The McVetta: "Nevermore!")

Go Browns!!!

NEXT UP: Ohio State vs. Notre Dame (Torn between two lovers - feeling like a fool!)


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