Thursday, November 10, 2005

"Lost" in Translation

The Cleveland Plain Dealer had a spoiler "news item" on "Lost" on it's frontpage concerning the death of another character on the show - and I completely ignored it (as well as any other media info) because I did not want to ruin the surprise. (Although, I guess, the REAL mystery would be why my hometown newspaper keeps delivering a Sunday paper to my doorstep every week - when I don't ask for it and I don't have a current subscription...??? Maybe they thought I'd be interested in Dennis Kucinich's love life (cough) or why this "lemon in love" endorsed Jane Campbell for mayor. Yeah - there's the kiss O' death! Anybody...? Anybody...?).

I thought Charlie was going to buy the farm, but I knew it was Shannon as soon as the episode began last night (why else would they be highlighting her-???)

The first couple episodes of "Lost" this season started off with a bang (down in the hatch) - and have since fizzled (although last night's still sizzled at the end).

But it's focusing too much on these "new" survivors who are rather lame - get back to the basics: Dr. Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Locke (and the great character backstories) before focusing on these new people. It feels like the show has "jumped the shark" - in a mere few weeks!

It was great to see Boone again (even in flashbacks) - but, please, keep the mystery going on with this island and what it REALLY means - and, damn, "Lost" folks and creators, bring back the Monster/Security System into the fold and the other odd, universal mysteries.


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