Friday, August 17, 2007

All Bets Are Off - Literally!

So I guess I have been selected to be part of a "sports town hall meeting" featuring Mark Shapiro and Phil Savage for the show All Bets Are Off with Bruce Drennan on Sportstime Ohio.

I get to ask both Shapiro and Savage a question about the Browns and Indians as part of the show but, don't worry, it won't be: "So ...what's the deal with Bernie Kosar? Seriously."

It's most likely going to be more like the episode of The Simpsons where "Mr. Burns" runs for governor:

Lisa Simpson (reading from a notecard): "Mr. Burns. Your campaign has all the momentum of a runaway freight train. What makes you so popular-?"

Mr. Burns: "Ewwww, a tough question, Lisa ...but a FAIR ONE."

But that's okay! I think it will be cool to finally meet some of these people "in the biz" that I've been writing about this last year or two - I'm really looking forward to this!

I just hope I don't pull "a Kramer" and fall off the stage or something - while I'm promoting "my coffee table book about coffee tables."

The show is being taped at The House of Blues in Cleveland at 3:00 pm today (check your local listings for show times ...Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel).

So I guess this will probably bring The Joker, The Riddler, Catwoman, The Penguin and Two-Face out of the woodwork, as well, huh-?

Commissioner Gordon: "Wait! I never got to say THANK YOU!"

Batman: "And you'll never have to..."

More later...


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