Thursday, July 12, 2007

McViewer Mail: I'm a little teapot!

Every once in a while we like to respond to mail we get here at The id and I.

Well, actually, we never get mail here at The id and I.

However, in regards to my post "Joe Thomas and the Browns: Why the last thing Cleveland needs is ANOTHER orange barrel" - Someone named "Rich" writes:


You were right about one thing. The Browns weren't listening to your advice, even if they did take Brady Quinn, the pretty boy. However, where you may errored in judgement, was using your real name in your post, and not unlisting yor name in the local telephone book, now that Joe Thomas is here in town.

Cordially, Rich

Chris McVetta responds:

Not at all, Rich!

NOW it's quite possible that Mr. Thomas can look me up in the phone book, "ring me up on the telly" - and I can invite him over for a lovely spot of tea out on the east terrace.

G'day, Guv'nor!


At 9:26 AM, Blogger Tania said...

I can't understand what do you mean saying that you're little teapot...:(


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