Friday, April 07, 2006

Opening Day 2006 for The Cleveland Indians: Or is it too late to trade C.C. Sabathia - to Sea World?

The id and I - It's kind of like Nashville - with a tan.

Opening Day 2006 for The Cleveland Indians is here! Mike and Mike in The Morning from ESPN 2 will be broadcasting live at Pickwick and Frolick - who says nobody wants to come to Cleveland-???

Let's set this thing right: I think C.C. Sabathia is an extremely talented baseball player. He has all the ability to be a superstar in this league. But coming from this blogging guy who likes to eat, drink and be merry, I can say this: C.C. Sabathia needs to get in shape. The difference between him and me is that C.C. is getting paid millions of dollars to play the game of baseball - and I do not (although it wouldn't hurt me to pick up an Ab-Cruncher once in a while, as well, folks).

Everyone involved with The Cleveland Indians - and their organization - needs to address this and stop tap-dancing around the issue: C.C. Sabathia is out of shape and it is hurting his game.

I could care less about his off-center baseball cap or his bling. But, as a baseball fan, C.C. Sabathia needs to start getting involved in some off-season conditioning to improve upon the talent he already does possess. It's just that simple!

Baseball players are supposed to "let themselves go" after their careers are over - not during the height of it. So, come on, C.C. - Cleveland loves you! Get your act together and show us what you can do while you are still young enough to live up to your potential! You owe yourself - as well as the loyal Tribe fans - nothing less.

In other news, I actually have Sportstime Ohio on my cable system - finally! And although, I'm sure, The Cleveland Indians are giving themselves the "self-congratulatory corporate reach-around" in regards to their new Death Star, I have to say this, going all Darth Vader on you: "Don't be too proud of this TECHNOLOGICAL TERROR you have created, commander! The power to destroy a (FOX Sports Net) is nothing compared to the power of The Force."

So, hurry up and get well, C.C. - Cleveland needs you back in the lineup to win a championship. Hey, man - if Kirstie Alley can do it ...then so can you. Go Tribe!


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