Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Nelson Muntz to Rasheed Wallace: "Ha-ha! You overextended yourself!" (LeBron James, Anderson Varejao and Co. make Purina Piston Chow out of Detroit!)


That's the only thing you can say as a Cleveland sports fan, isn't it-?


LeBron James is "the James Bond of the NBA." Somehow, someway, despite all the odds - against ALL the odds - he finds a way to get the job done. And nobody does it better.


How can this be happening in Cleveland-? Has my own personal Oceanic Flight 815 somehow strayed off course from Cuyahoga County and crashed on some eerie sports-purgatory island where dreams become reality-? Where LeBron flies through the Cleveland skyline like Superman soars high above Metropolis-?

In a town inhabited by so many shameless wannabes - isn't it refreshing to rejoice about a homegrown Ohio kid who actually has ...talent. "So dark the con of Cleveland man." But to say LeBron James has "talent" is like saying that Albert Einstein was "a great patent clerk who was really good at math."

The Cleveland Cavaliers have DEFIED all the odds - and the national media - by winning 3 games against the dominating Detroit Pistons. Can these scrappy, swashbuckling b-ballers make it 4 games to swipe the series away from The Motor City Mad Men-?

Well, when a Superman like LeBron James is watching over your hometown of Cleveland, anything is possible...


Chris McVetta is a blogger who dabbles in sports commentary like Dan Brown dabbles in Da Vinci: Completely half-assed, yet oddly engaging!


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