Monday, May 01, 2006

"Suzy Kolber, I wanna kiss you!" (and other NFL "Draft Day" revelations)

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So, excuse me, if I'm a little fuzzy right about now. I feel like the Jack Bauer of the sports world - spending the last 24 hours (x2 seasons) on the run. Starting with the Cavaliers and their magical leader, LeBron James, crushing the Washington Wizards on Friday night - and then off to an early NFL Draft Day party - over to The Indians at Jacob's Field on Saturday night - back for more Draft Day madness on "Day 2" with our beloved Cleveland Brownies - and wrapping it up with a "double-header" of another heaping helping of Cavs - and an ESPN Tribe game on Sunday night.

See, my eyes are bleeding orange and brown right about now from watching split screens of all the Cleveland sports action this weekend (I told you it was just like "24") at Alice Coopers'town and Panini's.

But I'm not complaining - it was a swinging good time (and I even found out from a friend that my last post concerning the filming of "Spider-Man 3" in Cleveland got picked up by a news service Korea. Talk about the power of "the web."

First things first: What a refreshing change of professional pace to have "Day 2" of the 2006 NFL Draft hosted by the beautiful and talented Suzy Kolber. I prefer her so much better than the leadoff host, Chris Berman! Listening to Chris Berman is like getting your "sports commentary" from Fred Flintstone...

But Suzy Kolber and friends (Trey Wingo, Chris Mortensen, Ron Jaworski, Mike Tirico and Mel Kiper, Jr.) saved the day with their no-nonsense reporting, analysis and insight.

As far as the Cleveland Browns and their draft, I would give it an overall grade of: B. It's kind of hard to judge because they didn't go for the "flashy" players (they saved that for the outstanding job they did this year in free agency) - it was all much needed meat and potatoes this time around.

But it seems to me that they filled a lot of needs with quality defensive players like Kamerion Wimbley (Florida State) and D'Qwell Jackson (Maryland) - so I'm happy.

Outside of that, I have to save that I'm not a "fan" of Matt Leinart or USC football - but their college football program is simply amazing. That being said, I simply cannot believe that "bonehead" NFL teams like The Oakland Raiders and The Buffalo Bills passed on Leinart and Jay Cutler! What were they thinking-??? They are slumping organizations with quarterbacks like Aaron Brooks - and Kelly Holcomb and J.P. Losman, respectively. Their fans should be outraged!

Matt Leinart is going to be an amazing NFL quarterback - I don't care what kind of talent he had around him at USC! Um, does that mean that Carson Palmer is overrated, as well-? I don't think so, Skippy!

Leinart is going into a situation with one of the best young (and underrated) wide receivers in the league, Larry Fitzgerald. And - oh, by the way - Anquan Boldin and Edgerrin James don't hurt either! And save your tears for "poor" Kurt Warner - he's already won a Super Bowl after making the successful transition from stock boy to superstar...

Other than that, I'm keeping the faith with LeBron James and the Cavs. Their playoff series with The Wizards hasn't been pretty - but I am still confident that the wine and gold will get the job done.

And, yes, as a lot of you have mentioned to me, I HAVE noticed what an outstanding job first baseman, Ben Broussard, is doing this season with the Tribe. Our little "Baby Bono" is all grown up now - and having a fantastic season so far. "It's a beautiful day... don't let it get away!"

Other than that, my doctor has advised me against ranting about the Tribe (for now). So, like George Costanza: "I'm off bread."

With that, I'm going to get some much-needed sleep. Good night, Cleveland ...and good luck.


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