Saturday, July 28, 2007

Back to the Future: Welcome home, Kenny Lofton!

I have to admit: Kenny Lofton was my favorite player back in the "glory days" of the Cleveland Indians during the 1990's.

As we all grow older - Kenny Lofton, myself, and the rest of Cleveland: I guess everybody likes to remember "the good old days."

That being said, I proceed with a bit of "eerie hesitation" about Lofton rejoining the Tribe during his golden years.

Sure, I am absolutely excited to see Kenny Lofton joining Grady Sizemore in the Indians' outfield, to be sure. But I am uneasy (to say the least) if this is a good move for the Tribe (or just a last ditch grab for glory - on both counts).

The Cleveland Indians have been pushing their "youth movement" these last few years and - in 2007, at least - it certainly seems to be working. Lofton has a "bad reputation" among the local media, to say the least, but it certainly has nothing to do with his skills on the field.

I'm guessing that at age 40, Kenny Lofton has hopefully "matured" a bit and will bring some much-needed "experience" to this current crop of Indians. I still remember the magic of leaving my "footprint" in the upper-deck of Jacobs Field when the "Lofton Indians" were the talk of the town - the Jake was being built (at the time) - and Bill Belichick was just still some "hobo in a hefty bag" who ruled the Browns with an uneven, heavy hand (Hey - who KNEW?).

I know: I need some new stories. But, hopefully, Kenny Lofton and I can hop into my time-travelling DeLorean, fuel up my flux-capacitor, and enlist the help of "Doc Brown" to save the future of these 2007 Cleveland Indians in the most recent installment of "The Enchantment Under The Sea" dance known as The World Series.

Now if only I could find a way to "erase" Trot Nixon from the snapshot Polaroid I currently hold in my hand, we'd be all set here in Tribe Town - as Dennis "Goldie" Kuchinich is sweeping up the floors of "The Grog Shop" yearning to be mayor (Senator, President) some day.

"You watch, Mr. Chris ...I am going to be president some day! You just wait and see!" (Sure you are, Goldie ...sure you are.)

You want to clean up this town-? Well, here's a broom! You can START by cleaning up the "Euclid Corridor Project" - it's a MESS!

Ah well - as long as I don't have to endure some "awkward fumblings" with Dorothy Fuldheim in the backseat of my car to "save the future" - all is well, I guess ("Oh, that Calvin Klein ...isn't he just positively McDreamy?"). Gulp!

Regardless, it's nice to see Kenny Lofton back in a Tribe uniform - even if he has lost a "jigawatt step" - and doesn't steal bases at 88 miles per hour (here in present time).

It's still unclear if Kenny Lofton will help the 2007 Cleveland Indians win a World Series. Can we, here in Cleveland, go back to the past to save the future-?

I guess only time will tell...

NEXT ON BACK TO THE FUTURE 2: Wipe away those crocodile tears because we go back to the past to "save" Tim Couch's career...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wahoo! Travis Hafner's new $57 million deal will buy a lot of Pronk Bars, kids!

I guess I should probably go ahead and order those “I Heart Larry Dolan” T-shirts, huh?

It was announced today that the Cleveland Indians have signed their designated hitter, Travis Hafner, to a 4-year deal worth $57 million dollars. Now it looks like there WILL be joy in “Pronkville” after all as the Cleveland Indians continue to sign their top talent, following Grady Sizemore, Jhonny Peralta, and Jake Westbrook...

(As shameless as Barry Bonds on "media day" you can read more HERE...)

McViewer Mail: I'm a little teapot!

Every once in a while we like to respond to mail we get here at The id and I.

Well, actually, we never get mail here at The id and I.

However, in regards to my post "Joe Thomas and the Browns: Why the last thing Cleveland needs is ANOTHER orange barrel" - Someone named "Rich" writes:


You were right about one thing. The Browns weren't listening to your advice, even if they did take Brady Quinn, the pretty boy. However, where you may errored in judgement, was using your real name in your post, and not unlisting yor name in the local telephone book, now that Joe Thomas is here in town.

Cordially, Rich

Chris McVetta responds:

Not at all, Rich!

NOW it's quite possible that Mr. Thomas can look me up in the phone book, "ring me up on the telly" - and I can invite him over for a lovely spot of tea out on the east terrace.

G'day, Guv'nor!